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Building Health Sciences - Healthy buildings, healthy people, healthy business

Building Health Sciences offers COVID-19 consulting services, disinfection protocols, application services and re-occupancy guidance as well as post-occupancy housekeeping recommendations. We use the best protocols, practices and products to disinfect your space for re-occupancy.

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At Building Health Sciences (BHS) we have combined medical expertise and construction expertise to analyze and resolve critical environmental incidents. Our multi-disciplinary, enterprise risk-management approach focuses on critical asset protection which to us means both human assets and infrastructure assets.

Resolution of an adverse indoor environmental situation including its assessment and management is challenging. These situations invariably involve an array of building professionals, various experts, and service personnel. Recognized or not, the primary cost driver in most of these situations is health-related complaints or concerns for a healthy indoor environment. BHS integrates the health of the building with the health of its occupants by bringing its unique white coats and hard hats perspective to solve your critical environmental incident or situations. This parallel path approach allows us to simultaneously address occupant fear and building performance. The result for our clients is an integrated, cost-effective, rational solution.

Cinque Terre

Effective, Early Involvement

Our knowledge and awareness of the appropriate solution path can go a long way to cost mitigation. BHS has the ability to impact the outcome of an incident through sound provable science and credible communication before it gets off track. Efficient, effective intervention can prevent unanticipated, downstream ramifications of incident mismanagement: lost tenant income, loss of employee productivity, occupant turnover, building stigma damages and costly health claims.

Building Health Sciences' unique health-based approach addresses the most volatile part of an incident, the health of the people and their fears, by incorporating our physician’s perspective with construction expertise and building science.